Innovation: Terahertz Corrosion/Coating Measurement Instrument
Corrosion Control Category: Coatings and Linings

Recipients: Anis Rahman, Ph.D. and Aunik K. Rahman – Applied Research & Photonics, Inc., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Kenneth B. Tator, P.E. – KTA-Tator, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

The Applied Research & Photonics (ARP) terahertz instrumentation measures corrosion, as well as industrial and commercial coating thickness. A nondestructive, noncontact means of characterizing corrosion beneath a coating and/or coating layers’ thicknesses is accomplished by interrogating a coating system with terahertz radiation (T-ray) and utilizing the interferograms resulting from coherent and diffused reflections from different constituent layers as a function of the delay-time response at specific angle(s) of incidence. The layer-specific thicknesses are deduced by analyzing the interferograms in conjunction with the interference peak positions and some empirical modeling.

Innovation award of CLEO/LFW

Washington, DC and Nashua, NH–The CLEO: 2011 co-sponsors (APS, IEEE Photonics Society, and OSA) and Laser Focus World announced Applied Research and Photonics (Harrisburg, PA) as the winner of this year’s CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award. The award recognizes the company “for the development of a highly sensitive, low-power terahertz scanning reflectometer capable of directly measuring both the concentration gradient and kinetics of permeation of an ingredient across the thickness of a substrate in real time and in a non-invasive fashion.”

Dr. Anis Rahman wins NASA Tech Brief’s
Nano-50 Innovator Award 2008


Harrisburg based Applied Research and Photonics Inc. (ARP)’s founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Anis Rahman is the first Bangladeshi American to receive the NASA Nanotech Briefs Nano 50 Award in the Innovator category for 2008. Dr. Rahman was one of the 14 recipients of this year’s Nano 50 Innovator award for his work on nanotechnology based terahertz radiation source and spectrometer.

ARP has invented a high power high efficiency terahertz technology having applications in biological, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and other life science areas. This proprietary technology is protected by US patents (awarded and pending). ARP’s terahertz spectrometer uses a novel nanomaterial for high power terahertz generation.  Terahertz technology provides next generation capabilities, overcoming the so-called terahertz gap, with new spectroscopy applications in this spectrum range that can not be done in any other way.