• TeraSpectra
    A Revolutionary 3D Nano-Scale Sub-Surface Material Characterization Technology
  • Key Features & Benefits
    Sub-Surface Layer by Layer Inspection | Sub-Nanometer Resolution | 3 Dimensional Imaging
  • Target Materials
    Semiconductor Wafers | Nano-materials | Soft Materials | Nano-Composites

Why Applied Research & Photonics, Inc.?

Applied Research & Photonics, Inc. (ARP) provides technology and services that are revolutionizing semiconductor and nano-material research, testing and analysis.  TeraSpectra, is our ground breaking and award winning Terahertz Scanning Spectrometer that provides non-contact, non-destructive, ambient temperature testing that offers two key innovations.

  1. it breaks the spatial resolution limit of current generation optical inspection technologies, and
  2. it uniquely identifies location and depth where defects exist.

Currently, there is no measurement technology that has the capability to provide an equivalent richness of information that our TeraSpectra system can deliver without damage or destruction of the test sample.


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