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ARP is pleased to announce services to the industry and academia.  ARP is offering a line of instruments around its terahertz technology.  Brief description of instruments and their application summary is given in this brochure.

Services are available either per sample or per project basis. 



Sub-surface wafer nano-Scanner


Dynamic Analyzer

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Terahertz Spectrometer (TeraSpectra)

Spectrometer is used in studies of molecular properties of any material or interaction of two or more materials. They are used in laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, quality control, etc.

Table 1. Comparison of PE spectrum with literature


Reported (1/cm)

TeraSpectra (1/cm)

Sigma-Aldrich [7]



FreeSnell [6]






1457, 1469


1486.4, 1510

Spectral characterization is available for specimens in solid, liquid or gaseous form. TeraSpectra has a specious sample chamber to accommodate just about any samples. Many solids that can be dissolved require only a small amount. Only 50100 L of the solution is taken on a substrate and dried.

As seen from Table 1, TeraSpectra reproduces the known peaks reasonably well within the experimental error limits. TeraSpectra also produces additional peaks that are not visible by other spectroscopy methods. This potentially gives an opportunity to discover new phenomena. 

Fig. 2.  Absorbance spectrum of polyethylene (PE).  For samples those will be prepared on the PE card, this spectrum will serve as the background.

Terahertz Scanning Reflectometer (TeraScanR)

The TeraScanR is used for non-invasive transdermal characterization (also called thickness profiling). It may be used for characterization of transdermal delivery of drugs, personal care products, and also in quality control.  Moreover, this is a general method that is applicable to any substrate and analyte combinations, thus help characterization of just about any substrates.

Examples include:Thickness profiler

Fig. 3. Measured distribution of hydrocortisone in stratum corneum (see full paper)

Having a resolution of ~1 nm, very precise profile of concentration distribution along the thickness of a substrate is directly measured in a non-invasive fashion.

Terahertz sub-surface Wafer nano-Scanner

The wafer scanner is used by the semiconductor manufacturing industry for detecting defects of wafers on the surface and/or in the sub-surface areas.  Rejection of wafers during fabrication costs the manufactures billions of Dollars. For example, a blank wafer may cost only a couple of hundred Dollar but a processed one's value becomes on the order of hundred thousand Dollars. Thus saving even a single wafer will pay for this machine. This is the only machine that can inspect the inside layers of a wafer as an in-line setup.

Various kinds of defects may be identified and quantified:

Reproducibility of the traces.  Very slight mismatch is due to the course resolution of the stage. This will improve in the proposed scanner.


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