ARP Technical Notes

A. Terahertz Spectrometer Applications

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  1. Spectroscopic Analysis and Multispectral Imaging of Epitaxial Semiconductors

  2. Sub-nanometer resolution sub-surface imaging: See article here.

  3. Early detection of skin cancer. See here.

  4. Understanding the interaction of dyes with nanoparticles in organic solar cells. See pdf file here: Show pdf.

  5. "Dendrimer Dipole Excitation: A New Mechanism for Terahertz Generation," 2016.

  6. Effective testing for wafer reject minimization by terahertz analysis and sub-surface imaging, ASMC 2014

  7. Terahertz Reflective Interferometer for non-destructive paint layer characterization, SPIE DSS 2015

  8. Terahertz Dynamic Analyzer for ballistic deformation characterization (Kinetics Spectroscopy), SPIE DSS 2015

  9. Terahertz Spectrometry and Reflectometry: A new frontier for noninvasive picoscale investigations, Spectroscopy 28(2), February 2013.

  10. TERAHERTZ INSTRUMENTATION: Terahertz technology enables systems for molecular characterization - LaserFocusWorld: 01/01/2012.

  11. Wide Range Broadband Terahertz Emission From High χ(2) Dendrimer (and spectrometer calibration with polyethylene card) - Proc. SPIE 8261, 82610H (2012);

  12. Dendrimer based terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and applications  in molecular characterization - Journal of Molecular Structure 1006 (2011) 59–65.

  13. TeraSpectra Validation via Absorbance Spectroscopy - white paper, 2010.

  14. Applications of Terahertz Spectrometer - white paper, 2010.

  15. Terahertz Spectrometer (TeraSpectra) Brochure

  16. Ultrasensitive label-free detection and quantitation of DNA hybridization via terahertz spectrometry - Proc. SPIE 7568, 756810 (2010); 

  17. Label-free and Dilution-free Detection and Analysis of Molecular Chirality via Terahertz Spectrometry (white paper)

  18. White paper:  Remote detection of Explosives/IED by THz spectrometry

  19. Dendrimer based terahertz source and spectrometry

  20. Dendrimer Terahertz Technology: Application in Life Sciences

  21. Common explosives' spectra

  22. Wafer CMP monitoring - white paper, 2012

  23. Biopolymer Blends - white paper, 2012

  24. Self-assembled monolayer on wafer - white paper, 2012

B. TeraScan: Terahertz Non-destructive Depth Profiler

  1. Diffusion kinetics and permeation concentration of human stratum corneum, Drug Development & Delivery, May 2012.

  2. Reflectometer brochure

  3. Terahertz Dynamic Scanning Reflectometry of Soldier Personal Protective Material

  4. Bragg’s Law in the Terahertz Regime: Application in Depth Concentration Gradient Estimation

C. Terahertz generation from EO dendrimer

  1. Stimulated Emission of Terahertz Radiation from Electro-optic Dendrimer - Proc. SPIE 7601, 76010C (2010);

  2. Dendrimer waveguide based high-efficiency terahertz source (2008)

  3. White paper: Nanophotonic Integrated Circuit: A Platform for an “Optical Processor” 2005

D. Others

  1. White paper: Terahertz Spectroscopy Brings a New Dawn of Biological Research

  2. A review of DWDM

  3. AWG_Characterization

  4. Market and Technology Trend of Integrated Fiberoptic Networks

  5. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of PAMAM Dendrimers

  6. Dendrimer Adsorption Measured by QCM

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