ARP technology wins the third annual Nano 50™ award from Nanotech Briefs®

ARP has won the third annual Nano 50™ award for 2007. In a congratulations e-mail to ARP's president and CTO, Dr. Anis Rahman, the Nanotech Briefs' Editor Ms. Cathleen Lambertson notified that,

"Applied Research and Photonics, Inc.'s Nanophotonic Integrated Circuit from Dendrimer has been named a winner in the third annual Nanotech Briefs®’ Nano 50™ Awards in the Technology category.

Presented by Nanotech Briefs magazine the monthly digital publication from the publishers of NASA Tech Briefs the Nano 50 recognizes the top 50 technologies, products, and innovators that have significantly impacted, or are expected to impact, the state of the art in nanotechnology. The winners of the Nano 50 awards are the "best of the best" the innovative people and designs that will move nanotechnology to key mainstream markets.

Nano 50 nominations were entered via an online submission form, and were judged by a panel of nanotechnology and MEMS experts. The technologies, products, and innovators receiving the 50 highest scores were named Nano 50 award winners."

The Nano 50 award was presented at a special awards dinner at the NASA Tech Briefs National Nano Engineering Conference ( in Boston on November 14-15, 2007.

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