ARP will demo TeraSpectra at the ACS Fall 2009 National Exposition
Washington, DC Convention Center, August 16-19, 2009

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Harrisburg, PA, July 7, 2009:  Applied Research and Photonics (ARP) will conduct live demo of its newly announced terahertz spectrometer, TeraSpectra, at the ACS Fall 2009 National Exposition, Washington, DC Convention Center, August 16-19, 2009. TeraSpectra has many important applications in chemical, biological, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences areas. For instance, with its femtomol sensitivity, it can be used as a high sensitivity trace analysis tool. For another instance, it can be used as a molecular signature recognition tool.

ARP uses dendrimer based terahertz radiation generated by difference frequency technique. This is different than the so called photo-mixing where one laser is kept fixed and another laser is temperature tuned to vary the mixing wavelengths. ARP uses a dendrimer based high power source pumped by two diode lasers where the beam is split into two arms: one arm remains stationary while the other arm scans the stationary beam. The resulting intensity distribution produces an interferogram, characteristic of the specimen-THz interaction. Up to 20 THz can be generated by ARP method with an average power of ~3-4 mW.

ARPís TeraSpectra is a turn key spectrometer. Time domain measurement is conducted over a time span of sub-Pico seconds to a few tens of Pico-seconds with a resolution of <100 fs. This wide range allows characterizing a number of molecular events important for biological and materials research. The spectrometer can also be used as a high sensitivity trace analysis tool with a sensitivity of parts per billion. Other applications may be developed in diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and related areas. The main features are:

         TeraSpectra is cost-effective with higher performance because of its next generation technology.

         A high power source enables probing of a wide variety of specimens thus expanding the scope of the spectrometer.

         High Signal to Noise Ratio (>2000).

         Room temperature operation

         High sensitivity: ~ 10 femtomol.

Applied Research and Photonics (ARP) announced the TeraSpectra, at the 2009 CLEO/photonXpo held at the Baltimore Convention Center from June 2Ė4, 2009. For more information contact ARP at above address or by email: Additional information is available at


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